Established in 1985, the School of Accounting is one of the earliest schools of Nanjing Audit University, China. It started to recruit Accounting undergraduates in 1993 and Financial Management undergraduates in 1997, obtained the right to award a master's degree in Accounting in 2009, and began to recruit postgraduate students of Academic Accounting in 2014 and MPAcc (Master of Professional Accounting) in 2015.

  The School has two majors, namely Accounting and Financial Management, and four special programs, including Accounting (Sino-Australian Program), Accounting (USCPA Program), Accounting (CPA Canada Program) and Accounting (CMA Program). It also has the right to award a master's degree in Academic Accounting and a master's degree in Professional Accounting. "Accounting (Auditing)" is a key discipline in Jiangsu Province; "Accounting" is a special major in Jiangsu Province, the core of key business administration majors in Jiangsu Province and a university-level brand; the Sino-Australian Program is a "High-level Model Construction Project of International Cooperative Education" in Jiangsu Province; the "Lab and Innovative Education and Practice Center for Accounting" is a model center of experimental teaching among universities in Jiangsu Province.

   The School is composed of the Department of Accounting and the Department of Financial Management as well as International Cooperative Education Center, International Professional Education Center, Postgraduate Education Center, Vocational Continuing Education Center, Center for Research on State Governance and Government Accounting, Accounting & Finance Lab, Case Workshop, Tutor's Office and other offices supporting teaching and research.

The School has a faculty with reasonable structure and great potential. It currently has 84 staff, including 53 full-time teachers and 31 part-time teachers (assuming both management and teaching responsibilities). Among full-time teachers, there are 8 professors (15%), 24 associate professors (45%), 2 national accounting leaders (reserve, academic) selected by the Ministry of Finance, 1 on the list of "Six Kinds of High-level Talents" of Jiangsu Province, 3 third-level training targets of Jiangsu "333 Project", 4 academic leaders of the young people in Jiangsu "QINGLAN Project", 7 outstanding young backbone teachers in Jiangsu "QINGLAN Project", 30 doctors (including 4 with a postdoctoral position), accounting for 56.6%, and 6 PhD candidates, forming a faculty with sound structure and strong academic research and practical ability.

   In recent years, the School has undertaken three projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, five projects supported by the National Social Science Fund (including 1 key project), and more than 10 projects supported by the Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education in Jiangsu Province, Philosophy and Social Science Fund and other projects above the provincial and ministerial level. It has been actively participating in the development of national standards, undertaking research projects supported by governments and businesses, with more than 10 monographs and compilations completed, and more than 400 papers published in academic journals above the provincial level, including over 20 high-quality academic papers in Accounting Research, Auditing Research, China Industrial Economics, Finance & Trade Economics and other top-ranking journals. It has received more than ten awards, including 6 provincial and ministerial-level awards.

   In more than 30 years of history, the School of Accounting has been adhering to the idea of "uniqueness, quality and internationalization". With accounting and financial management majors as cornerstones, it adapts to the dynamic industrial needs and local economic development. Oriented to the market, embracing globalization, it gradually becomes a school focusing on general undergraduate education and supplemented by postgraduate education. It has formed two special talents training models, i.e., "combining domestic degree-based education with foreign degree-based education" and "combining degree-based education with professional qualification education". Over the 30 years since its establishment, the School has supplied government bodies, financial institutions and medium to large-sized enterprises with a large number of graduates, and become an important training center in the accounting and auditing profession of China.