Accounting (Sino-Australian  Program) is a “3+1” undergraduate accounting program at Nanjing Audit University, China and Curtin University of Technology (trading as Curtin University), Australia. Students will study in Nanjing Audit University for the first 3 years and then study in Curtin University for the final year. Students who meet the graduation criteria will receive an undergraduate diploma in Accounting from Nanjing Audit University, and students who meet the degree-granting conditions of both universities will also receive a bachelor's degree in Management from Nanjing Audit University and a bachelor's degree in Commerce (Accounting and Accounting Technologies) from Curtin University. The program was launched in 2004.

          This program aims at cultivating inter-disciplinary accounting talents that adapt to international needs, have the global perspective and the ability of innovation, and can engage in accounting and assurance practice, management consulting and other work in various organizations, such as for-profit and non-for-profit entities, and government bodies.

The main courses of this program include: Economics, Management, Marketing, Statistics, Business Information Systems, Accounting, Financial Accounting, Accounting Systems, Managerial Accounting, Accounting Statement Analysis, Management Control Systems, Accounting Computer Packages, Accounting Technologies, Auditing, Accounting Theory and Analysis, etc.